An 11-foot, 4-inch Rattlesnake?

Join Chester Moore as he unveils the mysterious story of an 11 foot 4-inch rattlesnake that caught the attention of the New York Zoological Society in the 1970’s.

He also gives the true story of another massive rattler photo that has been circulating around Texas for years.

If you have any interest in giant rattlers you won’t want to miss this special episode of Higher Calling.

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2 thoughts on “An 11-foot, 4-inch Rattlesnake?”

  1. I was sent a photograph via e-mail in 2007 by the now late Betty Tatsch, Secretary of the Treasury, San Antonio Anglers Club, while I served as the Club’s President, showing a 97″ western diamond-back rattlesnake. The said snake was killed near Amarillo, Texas. The photo was digital and showed a six-foot gentleman holding the snake at the neck-head part, with the rest of the reptile laying across the ground.

    Though I no longer have the photo, I do remember well the story that went with it.

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