Wildlife Wednesday: Teen Poaching Crisis, COVID from Deer To Humans? & More

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This will be a new format we use from here on out with multiple wildlife news and feature updates on Wednesdays including our Higher Calling Wildlife® podcast.

We will continue to have various special reports at different times throughout the week but on Wednesdays we get you up to speed on many things most of the outdoors world is either ignoring or or hot news as it becomes available.

This Week’s Podcast: The Teen Poaching Crisis

It’s a topic the outdoors world has been silent on. Save from a few law enforcement agency press releases and mentions of isolated cases in the blogosphere I’ve been the only one publishing on this issue.

Click here to listen to the show.

In this episode me and my special guest-author and outdoors television personality Jeff Stewart discuss the following:

*Deer slaughters involving teens across America

*Teens killing endangered species

*Strange killing of bald eagles

*Why we think this is happening

*How we can teach teens respect for wildlife.

It’s a can’t miss episode on a deep, intense topic.

Covid-19 From Deer to Humans?

A few weeks ago I interviewed biologist Macy Ledbetter about the discovery of COVID-19 in whitetails in Texas, numerous Midwestern states and Canada.

You can listen to that podcast here.

Now we have a report from Canada that researchers believe they have found a case of COVID-19 jumping from deer to humans.

You can read my piece on it here.

Super Long-Tailed Bobcat

A few years back, I wrote a piece on some bobcats have long tails and that post has gotten shared out there thousands of times.

The cool part is we get some great photo submissions.

This photo credited to Nathaniel Ohs was taken in South Carolina showing a bobcat with a very long tail.

Do you have any unusual bobcat photos? If so send them to chester@chestermoore.com

Boar Charges Surfer IN WATER in Hawaii

While out in the waters near Kaena Point on Oahu’s northwest shore, longtime surfer Ingrid Seiple says she was charged at by a wild boar according to a report at SF Gate.

According to the report, Seiple, a personal trainer who was born and raised in Kailua, Oahu, has been surfing for more than 35 years. 

“I saw something floating, I thought it was a monk seal,” Ingrid Seiple told Kyle Metcalf of KJK Production in a YouTube video. “I thought, ‘Oh cute, a monk seal,’ and then it just looked more stiff. It didn’t look round like a monk seal, so, I don’t know, I was ignoring it and thought maybe it was a log.

This is definitely among the wildest (pun intended) hog-human interactions I’ve heard.

These animals will continue to become emboldened globally as hog and human populations soar.

To read more click here.

An Inspiring Moment

Our Higher Calling Wildlife Expeditions takes mentors teens to become wildlife conservationists.

One of the teens we mentor, Nathan Children, wants to be a game warden and thanks to Macy Ledbetter of Spring Creek Outdoors and the Rafter K Ranch he got to take part in a special release of Rio Grande turkeys.

It was Nathan’s first time being around wild turkeys and on the way home from the trip he said, “I definitely want to do more to help wild turkeys after experiencing that.”

Speaking of turkeys, we’ll be announcing something special the Montgomery County Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is helping us with next week.

Stay tuned.

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