Checking Back In (On the Road)


I’m checking in from San Antonio at the Wild Sheep Foundation Chapter & Affiliate Summit. Me and Lisa are having an amazing time and learning much about wild sheep conservation efforts.

We’re headed home and I’m ready to be there.

I’ve been on the road or working with kids in the capacity of our Wild Wishes® and Higher Calling Wildlife® programs.

I’ve also been working on heavily some really in-depth stories for Texas Fish & Game and recording Higher Calling Wildlife® podcasts.

It’s a busy and fruitful time.

Here are a few photos. We’ll be back with a new podcast this week and our Wildlife Wednesday update.

Chester Moore

Lisa, our daughter Faith and Chana, our special guest and the girl we’re mentoring for conservation photography and art at the YO Ranch Headquarters entrance. They were very generous to take us out on a special photograph expediton.
Chana enjoyed photographing the native and exotic wildlife at YO Ranch Headquarters. She will be working on artwork from the photos. We will auction a few off to raise funds for wildlife conservation. We will release details in the coming month.
Chanah experienced a dream come true getting to feed one of the giraffes at YO Ranch Headquarters thanks to Debbie Hagebusch.
Me and Lisa at historic Buckhorn Museum at the Wild Sheep Foundation Chapter & Affiliate Summit introductory gathering Friday.

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