The Terrifying True Apex Predator In North America’s Forests

Dark Outdoors Debuts

I’m excited to debut my new media platform-Dark Outdoors. The mission is to raise awareness to human dangers, animal attacks and strange weather patterns that impact hunters, anglers, campers, backpackers and hikers.

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And the debut program is intense! Listen here.

It’s called Apex Predators: Ted Bundy And Serial Killers in America’s Forests. And it features an interview with the New York Times best-selling author who sat across from Bundy for six months interviewing him.

I’ve been investigating the dark side of the outdoors experience. In this photo I’m standing at the site of one of of the Moonlight Murders in Texarkana made famous by the 1977 film “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”. Our mission is to share info that can save lives. (Photo by Paul Fuzinksi of Aptitude Outdoor)

You can listen by clicking the links here or searching for Dark Outdoors in podcast platforms like Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, Iheartradio, etc.

Dark Outdoors is brought to you by Texas Frightmare Weekend, Hog Hunt USA and Texas Fish & Game.

The mission is to save lives and make people of aware of what’s really going on. The outdoors media won’t touch this stuff and mainstream media doesn’t know how to report on it from an outdoors perspective.

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I’m looking forward to this journey with you through the great outdoors.

Until we meet again, remember when you head outdoors remember to pray, prepare and pack heat!

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