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You Need This Color-Combo Fly At All Times Higher Calling Wildlife

Chester Moore discusses a fly color combo he always has in his fly box. He's caught everything from exotic jaguar cichlids in Florida to giant bream and bass in Texas on this combo. Sci-Fly Fishing is an extension of Higher Calling Wildlife. An exclusive segment airs in every episode of the Higher Calling Wildlife podcast and we post another segment here the channel the following week. Subscribe to Higher Calling Wildlife for these exclusive updates.  
  1. You Need This Color-Combo Fly At All Times
  2. 750 Pound Boars-Plus How Long Does It Take A Domestic Hog To Go Wild?
  3. Catching Big Bass On Small Poppers
  4. Two Signs That Always Lead To Flounder
  5. The Habitat Apocalypse: Why Wildlife Habitat Should Be The Top Priority

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