“If You Support Me, Please Read This Post”

Greetings from Texas!

“If you support me, please read this post’.

I was struggling with the verbiage for this post and that is the most heartfelt, honest one I can come up with.

We have been given some incredible opportunities to invest in the lives of children in Colorado by including them in part of a special mission trip in June.

This young man got to join Chester on an expedition in 2022 in Colorado. He got to photograph bighorns, elk and the beautiful mountain scendry.

In fact, we’ve had the trip booked but just added two new families to two different parts of the trip.

Our mission is restore hope during a dark time in their lives by giving them amazing wildlife encounters. We’ve raised most of the funds for this trip which we believe is very important. But we haven’t raised it all yet.

I almost never use this blog for fundraising but I need your help.

We still need to raise about $3,000 with the addition of the new families we are helping and other expenses as the cost of some things has risen since we put this together.

This is the photo the young man above took. Can you help facilitate the next young person getting such an encoutner?

Any size donation is appreciated. We are excited our mission has expanded and we will be impacting more families but we do need your help.

A donation of any size is appreciated. You can makg tax-deductible donations by clicking here.

We are taking families to do wildlife photography in the Estes Park area as well as connecting with special wildlife encounters at two different zoos in the state.

All of it costs but the great news is these have proven to be life-changing experiences for the children and families. You have an opportunity to help us help hurting children and to see the goodness of Christ through wildlife expeditions.

The forthcoming expedition will also help some kids and their families get special wildlife encounters at zoos in Colorado.

My writings and broadcasts are important because they help spread the word of conservation. I very much appreciate you supporting them.

But these expeditions are far more important as they not only spread the word of conservation but help us help hurting children receive hope.

Can you make a donation? A donation of any size is greatly appreciated.

You can donate here.

Thank you so much!

In Christ,

Chester Moore

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