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Bingo The Christmas Dingo (Video)

Christmas is a special time of year around the world and it has always been very important for the Moore family.

It has taken on an even more significant meaning since me and my wife Lisa founded the Kingdom Zoo Wildlife Center® and the Wild Wishes® program to bring the love of Christ to hurting children through wildlife encounters.

When you see kids in such despair, understanding the gift of Christ coming into the world, inspires us to want to give everything we can to bring His hope into their lives.

In 2018, I wrote a children’s storybook called “Bingo the Christmas Dingo” that tells a heartwarming story of Santa Claus adopting an orphaned dingo puppy he found in the Outback of Australia.

It’s a tale of adoption and wildlife conservation.

Now , each Christmas we do readings of the book to various facilities where we work with kids in the foster system as our gift to them.

My friend Brandon Swarers turned the story into an animated storybook sort of like the vintage videos we grew up with.

This is our gift to the kids and kids at heart out there this Christmas and we hope you enjoy it.

Chester Moore

Kingdom Zoo Wildlife Center® was founded by Chester and Lisa Moore in 2012. The facility, located in Pinehurst, TX, is not open to the public but is only accessible to children facing various struggles from being in the foster system, to abuse, critical illness and special needs. All encounters for these children is free. The Wild Wishes® program grants wildlife encounters to children with a critical illness or loss of a parent or sibling. You can donate at or All donations are tax-deductible.

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