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COVID-19 In Whitetail Deer: Top Biologist Gives Latest Info, Plus A Deep Dive On CWD

COVID-19 has been found in whitetail deer in Texas and numerous Midwestern states.

And contrary to social media chatter, it’s not the coronavirus common to certain animals. It’s the same COVID-19 impacting people around the world.

Biologist Macey Ledbetter with a whitetail on one of his ranch surveys.

In this special edition of Higher Calling Wildlife, host Chester Moore interviews veteran wildlife biologist Macey Ledbetter of Spring Creek Outdoors who works with deer on a daily basis through Texas.

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In this episode the following points are addressed:

*Location (County) of COVID-19 deer study in Texas.

*Latest theories on how deer got the virus.

*Concerns about deer transmitting it to humans.

In addition Chester and Macey go deep into Chronic Wasting Disease talking about number of deer killed in Texas, possible genetic links to CWD susceptibility, how the disease impacts deer breeders and the possible overlooked transmitting species that no one seems to be examining in Texas.

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