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Amazing Wildlife Photos (From A Voice In The Wilderness Expedition)


I would normally say it’s great to be back after an expedition but I honestly wish I was still in stunningly beautiful Colorado.

Hey, don’t hate on me-fellow Texans! The heat index was 108 today.

We had a great time working with young people in our Wild Wishes program and other young people we are working with in a mentoring setting.

I’ll have a video recap next week but for now here are some of the photos the young people took on the trip.

Wild Wishes girl Kamille took this shot of a mule deer doe in Colorado Springs.
Our Wild Wishes girl Juno takes a great photo of a bull elk. You’ll see it in the next shot.
Juno’s elk photo turned out great!
Thirteen-year-old Delilah captured a beautiful moment between a cow moose and her young calf near Estes Park, CO.
Speaking of calves, Amber Borel got this great shot of a elk cow and calf. Many of the elk in the Estes Park area have collars to help track movements.
My daughter Faith got this great shot of a big bull elk.

We’ll be posting a video and more photos soon.

The mission fo what we do is to bring children facing special challenges to wild places and mentor them in conservation. We are teaching them to use photography to raise awarness of wildlife and the issues they face.

And we need your help as we have more expeditions planned.

Take a moment to think about your dark moments as a child and what it would’ve meant if you got to do something like this.

A tax-deductible donation of any size can be made by clicking here. You can also donate @kingdomzoo on Venmo.

We truly appreciate any size donation. Thank you for supporting what we do.

And if you know of a. young person we could help on an expedition like this or a wildlife encounter, please email chester@chestermoore.com.

Chester Moore

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Wildlife Wednesday: Elk East Of The Mississippi, Rogue Waves In Bays Endanger Fishermen, Grizzly Attack & More

Greetings from the Higher Calling Wildlife® headquarters!

Did you know several states of East of the Mississippi River have thriving and growing elk herds?

Photo by Chester Moore

One state has an estimated 13,000 elk and offers some non-resident hunting opportunities.

Listen to the latest episode of Higher Calling Wildlife and learn all about elk restoration in the eastern United States. Host Chester Moore interviews the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Conservation Program Manager for the Eastern United States (Steven Dobey).

Click to listen.

In this program we discuss the following:

*Elk history in the eastern United States

*Elk translocation and restoration efforts

*Population estimates in Kentucky and hunting opportunities.

*Travel and migration issues

*Opportunities for future elk restoration

*Plus, much more.

Rogue Waves In Channels and Bays

A large segment of our readership fishes along the Gulf Coast of the United States.

And due to my own experience I have been conducting an investigation on large rogue waves produced by oil tankers and other large cargo ships.

Public Domain Photo

These can be life threatening so I am raising awareness to the issue through Texas Fish & Game as well as a future edition of the podcast.

Here’s an encounter I shared in a recent story at fishgame.com.

Reader Chris Polnick recently shared this harrowing encounter with us.

“Across from the dike quite a few years back, a buddy and I were doing some night fishing. We were out at the end of the small jetty. The waters were fairy calm. We were out there a few hours and I estimate the water line at the time to be at least three feet below the top of the jetty. All of a sudden a wave hit the jetty and the water pulled way back off the rocks and wave number was enough to splash us,” he said.

Polnick said as the water pulled even further back the second wave had just enough time to grab what we could just before the third wave washed across the top of the jetty, luckily only about mid-shin level.

“Luckily for us we were able to maintain our footing. Much higher and we would have been pushed off the jetty for sure. We lost some tackle boxes a rod and a few other items. You don’t think much about a life jacket on the jetty but we came real close to needing one that night!”

Have you ever encountered a wave like this in a bay or channel? If so, please share with me at chester@chestermoore.com. Sharing your story could help save someone’s life.

Fatal Grizzly Bear Attack

According to a report at CNN.com, a grizzly bear fatally attacked a father of four in Montana.

Sheriff Brad Bichler of the Park County Sheriff’s Office told CNN Craig Clouatre, 40, was hiking with a friend Wednesday in the Six Mile Creek area, which is about 20-25 miles north of Yellowstone National Park, when they split up.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing this update. After an extensive search this morning we have located Craig,” Bichler said in a Facebook post. 

“It appears he had an encounter with a grizzly and unfortunately did not survive,” Bicher’s post said.

Grizzly numbers are rising in Montana and Wyoming and black bear numbers are increasing across much of their range. Many times these are attacks are simply people being in the wrong place at the wrong time and meeting the wrong bear.

But there are things you can do to avoid attack. Check out these bear safety tips from the National Park Service.

Persian Fallow Deer Released In Israel

Photo Courtesy Biblical Zoo-Jerusalem

We were excited to get an update from our friend Rachael Risby Raz with the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem about the Persian fallow deer restoration project we have supported for the last eight years.

At the beginning of March, we released a large group of nine Persian Fallow deer from the breeding center at the Zoo into the wild at the Nahal Sorek Nature Reserve in the Jerusalem hills.

Three females and six males were released, and of these, seven deer were fitted with GPS tracking collars.

In the past, only the females are fitted with GPS collars. This is because the males’ necks can expand during the breeding season which means that the collars can snap and break.

This year we have acquired special elastic collars that expand when needed and thus were able to fit collars to some of the males as well.

Nadav Ganot, the Zoo’s conservation project coordinator, reports that all the deer are doing well in the acclimatization enclosure and in the coming weeks, the gates to the enclosure will be opened and the deer will be free to go into the wild. This process usually takes a few days. 

The project is in partnership with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

If you would like to support this project click here.

Podcast Summit

The second annual Hunt-Fish Podcast Summit kicks off Thursday at the Warren Ranch near Santa Anna, TX.

The event brings together outdoors podcasters from around the country and matches them with high-level guests from the hunting, fishing and conservation worlds.

I will be participating and can’t wait for the great fellowship and podcasting opportunities.

“Our inaugural event at the Double Draw Ranch last year was a big success,” said founder Derek York of the Impact Outdoors Podcast.

“This year it’s grown to another level and we are excited to bring together some of the top people in the outdoors world to share our common love for fishing, hunting and wildlife conservation.”

Participating Podcasters

Higher Calling Wildlife (Chester Moore)

Impact Outdoors (Derek York)

Aptitude Outdoors (Paul Fuzinski)

The Wildlife Experience Podcast (Andrew Austin)

Red Beard Outdoors Podcast (Jonathan McCormick)

Special guests for the event include Gray Thornton, President & CEO The Wild Sheep Foundation, Renee Thornton, Chair Women Hunt, Dale Rollins (Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch), Brittany Perry, biologist for the National Wild Turkey Federation, Gale Force Twins (Emily and Amanda), Captain Stacy Lynn, Captain Eric Trout, Heroes On the Water, Laura Lindsey and Camille Null.

We will post a special updates with links to the first podcast to come from the event. All podcasters will interview the special guests and there will be special round-table discussions as well.

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Rocky Mountain High

There’s something about being in the mountains that cleanses the soul.

No matter what kind of baggage we bring from our day to day lives, being in the mountains brings peace.

And on the flip-side, encountering wildlife in the mountains can be the most exhiirating thing a person can experience.

As I type this from the deck of a cabin I’ll use as base camp for a few days, I’m still a bit jittery (in a good way). It’s from the adrenaline-infused meeting I had with a big bull elk and my camera.

This bull was bugling away-despite the peak of the rut being over. (Photo by Chester Moore, Jr.)

This big boy had a bunch of cows cornered in a small lake and he let a younger bull know he wasn’t getting any play.

I was told the rut was over here but you couldn’t tell by today’s action. There was bugling, attempted mating and some straight up fighting.

Seeing this from the perspective of a bowhunter, it would have been about trying to get in and make a clean, ethical shot to score on some incredible, heart-healthy venison.

But with my photographer cap on, it was about capturing the vibe of what was going on. I think I did in a couple of shots.

Elk are truly a national treasure and to see them in such numbers and to get so close was an awesome experience. I’ve seen and photographed plenty of elk in the past but there was something special about this bull.

A cow elk playing in the water near Estes Park. Co. (Photo by Chester Moore, Jr.)

He had attitude and capturing that with my camera was a true blessing.

I have never done drugs of any kind but today I got high here in the Rocky Mountains.

The bugle of the elk and the stunning scenery took me to a higher place that will undoubtedly beckon me to return again and again.

Chester Moore

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