The Fouke Monster, Boggy Creek’s Legend And Salt Fork Sasquatch

Happy Halloween!

This is our second year of the Dark Outdoors podcast and the tradition is to do a spooky special Halloween edition involving movies for fun.

This is the only time of year we talk about these topics so if you’re into this stuff, this will be a real treat for you.

This year we have an epic episode with author/tv host and all around good dude Lyle Blackburn on creepy cryptids including the Fouke Monster and Pamula Pierce Barcelou, daughter of Legend of Boggy Creek director Charlies Pierce. This is an absolute can’t miss episode!
You can listen by clicking here or listening via the banner below.

And today I have a second debut to share. I am proud to be lending my narration talents to the epic first episode of the Wild Man of the Woods series produced by Paul Fuzinski.

The first episode of this extremely well-produced program tackles the famous alleged Bigfoot sightings at Ohio’s Salt Fork State Park.

Click here to watch.

Best of all, you can win a copy of the new 4K edition of The Legend of Boggy Creek by watching!

The first 10 comments on the video on Youtube will get put in a drawing for the Blu-Ray. So, watch the video at the link below and comment away!

We will do our drawing tonight and pick a winner. Click here or on the icon above to watch.

And don’t forget to comment!

Season 3 of Dark Outdoors begins Feb. 2024 and it will have some seriously deep, dark investigations we are conducting now.

Thank you for supporting the podcast and my work. We are doing lots of great things for kids facing special challenges through our Higher Calling Wildlife outreach and the Wild Wishes program. You can learn more here and maybe we can help a kid you know.

Learn more about the new 4K release of The Legend of Boggy Creek here.

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