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Supporting Israel’s Wildlife Conservation

Higher Calling Wildlife® has consistently supported wildlife conservation efforts in Israel.

We have partnered with the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo’s Persian fallow deer restoration program since 2014 and are proud to call them friends.

We has enjoyed raising awareness to the restoration of the Persian fallow deer into Israel and has been recognized for his organization Kingdom Zoo Wildlife Center’s contributions to that program.

We make donations to this conservation program in honor of kids coming through Wild Wishes®. This program grants wildlife encounters to children with a critical illness, traumatic loss , living in foster care and other serious issues.

The kids light up when we tell them because they came to us, wildlife in Israel got a blessing.

A few years back we created the Higher Calling Wildlife® Wildlife Of Israel magazine that raises awareness of wildlife conservation in the Holy Land.

It’s the first of its kind magazine focusing solely on Israel’s wildlife and we chose to bring it back to public awareness as Israel as engaged in war and they suffered a horrific attack Oct. 7.

You can get it free here. Please share.

It’s a great tool for education and teachers let us know if we can do a Zoom meeting with your class (home, private or public school).

Since supporting Israel’s wildlife is one of our pillars, we thought this would be a good way to stand with our friends in Israel.

Chester Moore

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